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One of the handy things Google does when you use it (as I do) to check the spelling of words is that it also shows their definition. One of today's words was: Conundrum. The definition is poignant in context with this rant:

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Music has always been a part of my life. I've been listening more than writing and performing, of late; although I feel that too is evolving. One album I've been listening to a lot lately is Southeastern by Jason Isbell.

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An aspect of my consulting business has involved showing people the right way to do things. Its not that the information isn't available out there: it has been for years.

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Sometimes I find the simplest of things highlight the different way in which I view the world. Take, for example, the text messages exchanged with Chip about a client that I am consulting to (both, together) on a networking solution: he replied in the thread “NP”, which I knew that sent to or from him means “No Problem”!

My problem?

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Today I was reading some responses to an article posted in the Information Security Community group on LinkedIn. One of my fellows observed “I remember back in the early 90's, people could do it *ALL*.

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I just said "Hi" to our neighbor who is outside cleaning up one of his cars. He returned the greeting and noted “It looks like we're finally getting some winter”, with which I agreed but also added that I was grateful it wasn't as much as they were expecting further north.

He said: “I know, some of those people getting hammered!”

I replied: “If I lived up there I'd probably just get hammered too…”

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I have answered a few topics on (whether that's good or bad is another conversation entirely...) and get prompted to do so again regularly. Today I received a prompt to answer a question, but when I looked at the thread I found another person had already posted a more insightful answer than, thankfully, I am currently capable of delivering. I though I should, instead, share:


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Slowly I continue to add content to my website. The easy stuff I moved first of course, but now comes that which takes a little more time: mainly recipes and quotes. As I noted before, if there is anything particular you would like you can either comment below or send me a note. Meanwhile, back to the cookbook…

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Happy New Year

I hope you and yours had a festive and safe New Years celebration. and wish for all of us to enjoy a healthy and prosperous 2016!

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Hopefully you are not of the anti-vaccination persuasion, but if you are please click in to this post and watch this full PSA. Yeah, it's funny, and also kinda important…


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